Robert Ward, Funeral Director

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Robert Ward joined Little’s Family Funeral Service in October 2018 after working for nearly 20 years as an Events Manager for House for an Art Lover. That role involved organising weddings and other celebrations, including funeral receptions, and Robert was keen to build on his experience of providing a professional service for important family events. Since moving to Little’s, he hasn’t looked back. Find out more about what the role means to him below:

What do you like about working for an independent family-run funeral service?

I enjoy working for a well-established family-run funeral director in a close-knit community, and one in which I have always lived. I feel a sense of giving back to that community. Working here for almost four years, I quickly gained a sense of how important that trusted relationship is that we have built with the families we work with, and often on a repeated basis.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Working with a wide range of people is always something I have enjoyed, and understanding different religions and cultures has also been a really interesting experience. Helping people through often very difficult circumstances is clearly not something anyone relishes; however, I do find it meaningful as giving real dignity to the people in our care is hugely important work.

What is something you’re proud of?

Family is important to me, nothing more so than being an uncle to my nephew and niece and being a godfather.

Who do you look up to (can be work-related or just in general) and why?

As we move forwards from the pandemic, I have huge admiration for front-line workers, NHS staff, teachers, public service workers, and definitely my colleagues who, when faced with such a new and difficult situation, stood up and dealt with it admirably and continue to do so.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

As a massive fan of sports, I love going to the football (though not the same team as Conor) and more recently going to the gym. I also enjoy spending time with friends, reading biographies, and watching boxsets.