Robert Tripney, Funeral Services Manager

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Originally a retail manager, Robert Tripney made a significant career change 9 years ago when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the funeral industry. He had seen first-hand how rewarding helping families in their moment of need could be, so he entered the profession as a casual driver and learned the trade by working from the ground up. Now Funeral Services Manager, Robert joined us at Little’s in August 2021. Find out more about what the role means to him below.

What do you like about working for an independent funeral service/family business?

I like being able to provide a family with the continuity they would maybe not be able to get elsewhere and being with them from the first moment they contact us right up until the day of the service and beyond. Being an independent family business is also reassuring to families as they know that we will treat their loved ones with the care and dedication we would our own.

What do you enjoy/find meaningful about your role?

I enjoy every aspect of my role, from meeting local business partners, charities, and community groups, to being able to help clients in their time of need. The most meaningful and most important part of our role is making the loss of a loved one as easy on a family as possible. We try to take away all the hardships of administration and organisation to allow them to focus on their memories and grieving.

Who do you look up to and why?

My Dad; he has always been my hero. I am one of 4 children and the only boy so have always had a close bond with him. His guidance and help throughout my life have led me to where I am today with a loving wife and 2 kids, a great career, and a sensible head on my shoulders. I grew up aspiring to be everything he was/is, and I am achieving that every day. He has always affectionately called me ‘Junior’ which couldn’t be truer, as I am basically just a younger version of him.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Being the father of two small daughters, and husband to a dance teacher, my life outside of work is almost typical ‘Dad Work’. I pick up and drop off the girls at dance classes and Rainbows and take them to the never-ending array of birthday parties. Their social life greatly outweighs mine. Outside this, I genuinely love nothing more than being at home with my family, playing outside, or building Lego towers. I also like keeping fit and spend a lot of time at the gym.